Lettermark Logo Designer

helping businesses in the area of brand identity by providing a lettermark logo design that best represent them as a brand

Why Choose Lettermark?

Flexible: Lettermark logos can stand alone as a symbol, detachable from the word or business name, they can be used as icons, avatar, a stamp, embroidered or printed on merchandise for giveaways or for sale and still be easily identifiable.

Easy Recall: There are some audience who remember brands using the first letter or initials of the company, business or product name. So a lettermark logo symbol can be really helpful especially if your brand name is not common or is a combination of word parts / root words.

Personal: A lettermark logo is more personal than a general symbol like animals, trees or landmarks. Although these elements can be incorporated in the letter symbol to make it more unique and help convey what you do, where you are from or who you are as a business. Below are some examples...

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