Custom Logo Design

custom lettermark

Hello! Want a custom logo design for your brand? I'd be happy to work with you. Before you fill up the form below, please consider these three things:

1.) Lettermark Logo Design projects only. If your project does not fall in this category, please skip this form. I want to provide you with the best logo possible, and I'm at my best creating letter logos.

2.) I don't compete with other designers or design agencies when it comes to pricing. I focus on creating value and quality, if that is something you are willing to invest in, we will likely be an excellent fit.

3.) No refunds for custom logo design. If you cancel while the project is ongoing, no refund and no release of deliverables will be made. This is a creative service, a time spent on design and creative thinking is a valuable time already spent. While you can get more money, you cannot get more time. There will always be 24 hours in a day, so let us both value it.

If you are okay with these three things, then please proceed.

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