Hi! I'm Dahlia, based in PH. Graphic Designer specializing in Lettermark Logo Design

I help businesses who are looking for lettermark logo design by providing
a logo that fits their brand. A logo mark that is carefully crafted and designed with quality & strategy in mind.


3 Reasons: Why Choose A Lettermark Logo
As Your Brand Symbol / Icon / Mark.
Flexibility: Lettermark logos can stand alone as a symbol, detachable from the word or business name, they can be used as icons, avatar, a stamp, embroidered or printed on merchandise for giveaways or for sale and still be easily identifiable.

Recollection: There are some audience or customers who remember brands using the first letter or initials of their company, business or product name. So a lettermark logo symbol can be really helpful especially if your business / brand name is not common or is a juxtopose of words.

Personal: A lettermark logo is more personal than a general symbol like animals, trees or landmarks. Although these elements can be incorporated in the letter symbol to make it more unique and help convey what you do, where you are from or who you are as a business. Below are some examples...

The above logo examples are Pre-Made lettermark logo designs. These logos are created without a specific design brief, but a general industry-based concept or idea. It works for businesses or individuals who wants to see what they are getting first and those who have limited time and budget.

While I primarily create Pre-Made logos, I do offer custom lettermark logo design services for those who want a logo that is specifically crafted for their business or brand. It is usually a month-long process, if you have the time and the budget, a custom logo would be the best option.

Below is an overview of the whole process for Custom Logo Design. It is a simple 6-step guide to give you an idea of how I work. Deliverables are the same for Pre-made and Custom Logos except that Pre-made Logos do not include Contracts / Proposals.
You will be sent an email / directed to a Logo Questionnaire page. This will help me understand what your business is all about and who your target audience is. This is crucial in crafting a logo that reflects your business / brand.
A project discussion will be scheduled after reviewing your lettermark logo questionnaire answers

This will be done through email or via live chat / video call whichever works for both.
You will receive a Proposal / Contract if we are a good fit for the project. Once signed, the project will be booked and scheduled with a one-month timeline. You will also receive an invoice for initial payment to get the project started.
Design process will take a week or two before presentation to the Client

Logo design presentation will be done through email or via live chat / video call whichever works for both.
Revisions are allowed up to 3 iterations. If there's a need for changes after that, a fee will be in place.

Once the design is approved, preparation of the files for final delivery will start.
After design approval, you will receive a final invoice.

Release of legal documents and design files will be sent after final invoice is paid. In this step, the project is considered done and complete.


Copyright Transfer Document, Invoice Receipt and any other signed documents before the project started and while the project is in progress, through to completion.


This is a simple presentation and information about the logo. It contains some guidelines, font names, colors used and their values, and logo lock-ups or orientation.


One zipped file that contains all the logo files: EPS (Vector File) PNG (Logo w/ No Background) JPG (Logo w/ Background). All files in both color and black and white versions.


Custom logos will need to be booked and scheduled. It will follow a design process I have in place to complete each logo project. Each and every project will have a one month timeline and depending on client feedback and response, the project can be completed within a month or be extended. If you want a mark that is specifically designed for your business / brand, choose this option.
If you are in hurry, you can browse my pre-made logo design collection and check if there is a perfect fit for your business or brand. Changes or slight modifications to the logo mark are allowed to make it more personal and inline with your brand. Pre-made logos will save you time and money as they are readily available for One-Time-Purchase. Sold only once, Copyright transfers to the buyer.